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We support organisations through collective effort, international knowledge, skills and talents, insights, enthusiasm, and inspiration by providing specialist advice and services to unpick the questions you want to be answered.  Our services include specialist advice on research design, data collection, qualitative and quantitative analysis, advanced statistical analysis and clear report writing giving you the ‘so what’ in a format, you can easily understand and use in your organisation.

Qualitative research: gaining as much data as possible from a relatively small sample size. A flexible approach (we can change things on the fly) that captures how people express themselves and is terrific for creating collaborative working between your team and your research.

Quantitative research: concrete numbers whereby more people equals more objectivity and accuracy. Supported with careful planning and execution, we can explore how many, how much, how often, and what influences the who, what and where.

Our team members are experts in their field, having published in peer-reviewed journals, authored books and written for newspapers and other types of scientific and educational communications.  We work directly with the researchers and the writers of the books and theories that other organisations read.

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