Performance & Leadership workshops

We support those who use our services to learn about the best evidence-driven models of leadership and what behaviours are most productive in creating engaging and productive environments.  Clients will learn about their personal leadership style, how they can use those personal tendencies to their best advantage, but also to practice other ways of ‘being’ so that they can modify the impact of their leadership to the ever-changing environment.

Some example workshops and individual sessions include:

Discover your personal leadership style and impact: One-to-one (half-day) session where we explore your personal values as a leader and your leadership tendencies.  Clients will receive a personal leadership assessment and profile, with a personal development plan.  Groups (one day).  An interactive workshop where clients can explore their personal values and leadership style.  Clients will receive a personal leadership assessment and profile, with a personal development plan.

What is leadership? We offer a series of talks on the theory and practice of leadership including topics such as; the theory and psychology of leadership; the dark side of leadership; emotional intelligence; leadership ethics; leadership and bias; professionalism; and personality in the workplace.

Evidence-based leadership Leadership is the modifier for success and this workshop provides clients with the evidence-base behind different leadership styles and behaviours.  This workshop is about what to give our attention to as we lead, how to use values and mission statements to guide decision making and produce results that are evidence-driven, ethical and drive performance.

Dealing with Difficult Conversations: This interactive workshop will help clients understand what performance really is and how to leverage their personal leadership style to inspire individuals and teams.  We work with clients to support them in developing an authentic leadership style which will empower them to give clear and concise guidance to followers.  We explore how to give feedback but also, receive and successfully use feedback received.

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