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Managing Director: Professor Alex Forsythe, PhD, CPsych, SFHEA

Alex is the founder and Managing Director of Chirality Consulting. A business psychologist and Chair of the Association for Business Psychology Alex has extensive organisational experience working at senior levels in the private, public and voluntary sectors.  Alex’s specialisms include improving work performance through goal setting and by helping individuals develop healthy self-regulatory behaviours and relationships with feedback.   Alex holds the highest level of psychometric qualifications with the British Psychological Society. Email Alex

Current professional standing includes:

Dr. Mark Jellicoe, PhD

Dr Mark Jellicoe is a psychologist who focuses on self-regulation, in particular, evaluating strategies closely associated with psychological resilience including mindset. Recently Mark led an award-winning project focusing on developing resilience developing students’ knowledge, skills, and behaviours to increase confidence and integration of adaptive learning approaches.  In his current position, he delivers goal setting and coaching interventions to dental staff and trainees. Drawing on this applied skill set, Mark contributes to facilitated workshops on HEE NWs Foundation Training Programme for Dental Therapists to support self-management. Mark also leads curriculum components in Clinical Communication and Personal Development and Well-being which includes areas such as study skills, including effective skills for learning, goal setting for success, self-control and managing feedback

Dr Kathryn Fox  BChD. PhD. FDS, MRD RCS. SFHEA

Kathryn has been a clinical academic in dentistry for over 25 years, with 10 years in a Senior Leadership role. With an underlying coaching philosophy, she has taught and mentored both undergraduate and postgraduate dental trainees. She has a wealth of experience in learning, teaching and assessment in medical education, with a particular interest in delivery and acceptance of feedback, and managing trainees’ fear of failure. She held the role of  Chief Academic Adviser to undergraduate dental students and coached many trainees to success following both academic failure and clinical difficulties, helping them to devise strategies to develop their learning.  She is currently undertaking the Certificate of Coaching at the University of Cambridge.

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