Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2018

Modern slavery is a crime resulting in an abhorrent abuse of the human rights of vulnerable workers. It can take various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking, all of which deprive a person of their fundamental rights and liberties, with the aim of exploiting them for personal or commercial gain.

Chirality Consulting has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in its business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place anywhere within either its own business or in any of its supply chains, consistent with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. If evidence of modern slavery and human trafficking was discovered within our supply chain, we would expect to sanction and remove the associated supplier and re-educate all staff.

Chirality is a responsible employer which is committed to tackling modern slavery. We promote high standards of employee welfare and have effective systems and controls to diligently ensure modern slavery is not present within our supply chain. The organisation operates with transparency and integrity in all business relationships and would seek to eradicate unfair and unethical practices if these were found within our supply chain. This approach support’s our guiding principles of; integrity, honesty, innovation evidence-based practice and social responsibility.

Policy & Risk Mitigation

Despite being a low-risk organisation operating within a low-risk industry we remain vigilant through the:

  • Rigorous and regular assessment of all current and future suppliers to assess and mitigate any risk in relation to human trafficking, modern slavery, and unethical practice;
  • Staff training where appropriate.

Modern Slavery Statement Published

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