Professional and Transitions

It is difficult for people of all ages to articulate their career aspirations.  We all wish to find ‘good’ work where we are engaged and making a valuable contribution and ideally we want to thrive. But often we are seeking greater purpose and fulfilment, but perhaps having no idea what that might look like.  Our coachings work to help develop a clearer sense of what we like, what we are good at, who makes us happy, and we still have so much potential to explore the many new opportunities and possibilities that exist.  

Coaching for working from home

Within the context of Covid-19, the switch to digital communication and delivery has become imperative. However, in the hurry to switch with limited practical and emotional support given and an expectation that people will quickly and positively adapt, this has had a huge and ongoing impact on the working lives, interpersonal relationships and the ability to cope for those working from home. We support indivdiuals to better manage their digital lives, to develop the tools and techniques to better develop proactive, supportive relationships with their teams who are also working from home.

  • Creating team awareness: understanding the real interpersonal issues that teams might be facing working at home/on-line
  • Empathising: creating and developing positive relationships
  • Internal motivation: building a ‘strength-based’ view/supporting to see the options/opportunities available/developing confidence
  • Challenging towards building positive routines: building resilience
  • Developing opportunities to share/build social bonds/connections moving forward

Unleash your potenital and let us help you on your journey towards your success.

Prices start £195 plus vat per hour.