4 Innovative Women Who Were Pioneers Of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Interesting piece on female pioneers, although I feel they overlooked Isabel Briggs and Katherine Myers: Often they are so effortlessly criticised within academic psychology, that it is almost impossible to understand how they could have developed the world’s most popular psychometric test.    http://psychlearningcurve.org/4-innovative-women-who-were-pioneers-of-industrial-organizational-psychology/

Such an amazing night picking up my NTF award in Edinburgh

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education.  So proud to be collecting my award with my amazing husband Craig and Institute Lead, Charles.   It would have been impossible without all the love and support of my… Read More

Learning gain: political expedient or meaningful measurement? The political craving for simple measures of learning gain is neither pedagogically informed nor sufficiently nuanced.

Alex Forsythe, Carol Evans, Camille Kandiko Howson and Corony Edwards argue that only by changing focus will the concept become useful https://www.timeshighereducation.com/features/learning-gain-political-expedient-or-meaningful-measurement A few years ago, a major UK airport determined to speed up passenger movement by incentivising baggage handlers to move luggage from planes faster. Since it was deemed unfair to compare the overall… Read More