The Team

Dr. Alex Forsythe, PhD

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 14.49.23As Head of Certification and standards, my work has impacted on the career development of over 1000 members of the Association for Business Psychology.  I am committed to championing Education of the highest standards as evidenced through my various international and national Examining, Institutional and Periodic review work.  You can read about my national work in the measurement of learning gains at our blog. Learning gain: political expedient or meaningful measurement? The political craving for simple measures of learning gain is neither pedagogically informed nor sufficiently nuanced.


Brittany Forsythe MA, BA.

I am a Primary School Teacher with a passion for curriculum development, educational reforms and quality assurance process and interventions that target vulnerable pupils.  I have carrie15977620_10206467400162097_8843088290807785104_nd out research into raising attainment, focusing on boys writing and children from low socio-economic backgrounds.  I have direct experience in researching effective assessment strategies to support teachers individually and as part of a whole school programme.

I am an avid traveller and an eternally disappointed Tranmere fan.


Mr. Mark Jellicoe (PhD, Pending)

Mark JellicoeMark’s interests relate to the design and evaluation of interventions to enhance student performance. In particular, evaluating strategies closely associated with psychological resilience including mindset. Recently Mark led an award-winning project focusing on developing resilience developing student’s knowledge, skills, and behaviours to increase confidence and integration of adaptive learning approach.