Alex makes the news

Peacock feathers © fotohunter at “Shutterstock”BBC One Breakfast News (And 6pm news)

Dr Alex Forsythe interviewed about her research that shows it may be possible to detect neurodegenerative disorders in artists before they are diagnosed:

BBC News online: Art may reveal early signs of dementia

Guardian: Paintings reveal early signs of cognitive decline, claims study

 Telegraph: Paintings can show if artist was suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s

Times: How brushstrokes reveal an artist’s failing health

Express: Art of PABLO PICASSO ‘could help scientists understand how brain diseases work’

Wall Street Journal:

Huffington Post: Famous Paintings by Artists Who Had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s May Reveal Clues to Diagnosis

Science Daily:

Global News:


El Pais: El párkinson de Dalí aparece en sus cuadros 20 años antes del diagnóstico, El análisis fractal de la obra de varios pintores contemporáneos muestra su deterioro mental

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