The word Chiral comes from the Greek word ‘kheir’, meaning hand.  At Chirality, our hands are your hands and we strive to aid both individuals, and organisations, achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to guide and support those who strive to excel.  We can achieve this because Chirality brings together a network who are leading international specialists in their field.   We offer evidence-driven solutions, assessments, and workshops developed from the most up to date knowledge and thinking in the field.  Solutions that will help your organisation create and sustain its competitive advantage, whilst increasing both your efficiency and your productivity.

Our services include research and analysis, quality assurance support, personal and team development and tender and bid writing services.

Chirality Consulting LTD is a company registered in England & Wales.
Company number 08040900
Incorporated April 23rd, 2012
VAT Number 298152666
DUNS 218358234
UK Register of Learning Providers: 10081551
18 Bennetts Hill, Oxton, Wirral, Merseyside, CH43 5RZ
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2018